• How to Juggle for Business Leaders

    How to Juggle for Business Leaders

    Leading through Disruption – Lessons from Learning to Juggle. by Cris Beilstein, Elevation Collaborative LLC I used this metaphor a few months ago with a leader who was facing multiple business disruptions and struggling with where to focus their leadership efforts.  In today’s dynamic world, I thought it worth sharing the infographic below. If you…

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  • What does "stuck" look like?

    What does "stuck" look like?

    Sometimes it’s clear when you are “stuck”:- you need to do something and are painfully aware of that sickening feeling that you don’t know where to start.Other times, being “stuck” shows up with different symptoms:- frustration- complaining- avoidance- boredom- judgment- impulsive actionsNone of these behaviors are you operating at your best. In time, they will…

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