We Work with Growth-Minded Leaders 

Cris Beilstein

Founder / Chief Elevation Officer

With over two decades of business leadership experience in innovation, product development, training, and coaching, Cris is known for her ability to see new possibilities in challenging situations and for her coaching skills that bring out the best in people.  She has an open and inclusive style, and her fusion of creative curiosity and technical practicality benefits clients as she guides them from thinking big to strategic planning and action.

Cris has honed her capabilities as a leader in several well-known consumer product companies where she established new capabilities in R&D, marketing claims and innovation on a global scale. She is experienced in coaching small businesses and organization leaders and has been awarded for developing and facilitating an innovation training program for executives and their teams in the corporate world.

Early in her career, Cris, a trained mechanical engineer, developed numerous home and office products, established and trained engineering and design teams in the US and China, and established innovation capabilities and processes.

In her free-time, Cris has volunteered her talents to non-profit organizations, a professional women’s athletic team and serves on the board of a Chicago-based IT firm. She also enjoys hiking, camping, and gardening.