Accelerate the Leadership Learning Curve

There is a common story of people stepping into new leadership roles and stumbling along the early learning curve. New roles are exciting; but they often require new ways of operating, engaging others and managing work that can be difficult to master while focusing on delivering results. Without sufficient support and frameworks, it can be a struggle to lead effectively. This has a negative impact on the performance of the leader’s team and on their own potential in the organization.

Leadership As A Practice

Elevation Collaborative delivers experiential coaching programs created by combining proven skills for leading high- performing teams, tools used in coaching emerging leaders, and user-centered design principles. By integrating training with coaching, participants build a leadership practice while learning, trying new skills, and getting the support they need to feel safe and be successful.

All engagements are custom-tailored for each client.

Leadership Foundations

10 sessions

Establish a strong foundation for leadership with a focus on leadership identity, empowering team performance, and creating strong partnerships.

Designed to begin a practice of leadership that can support learning and growth.

A great place for new leaders to begin their journey or for newer leaders to codify and enhance their experiences to accelerate personal growth.

Leadership Strategies

20 sessions

Ensure a strong foundation and a strategic approach for leadership.

Designed to build upon experiences with codified tools, skills and mindsets to be more strategic. A specific focus on shifting from a reliance on tactics for success to creating and supporting strategies to set direction, create impact, manage disruption, achieve goals and grow team capability.

Best for leaders with some experience, aiming to expand their capabilities and grow their impact.

Custom Leadership Coach


One-on-one coaching that focuses on specific areas for development.

Provides a safe and supportive environment for leaders to work through challenges that may be limiting their success or potential.

If you think Leadership Coaching can make a difference for you, let’s connect!

Key Outcomes

• Expand your leadership range to overcome challenges or advance your career.
• Clarify your guiding principles that will steer your leadership.
• Understand types of communication that empower performance for you and your team.
• Learn ways to establish and grow strong partnerships to support your pursuits.
• Create a strategic plan to achieve the impact desired. 
• Develop your ability to overcome obstacles, sustain your pursuit, and keep your team engaged.
• Establish a sustainable leadership practice that will enable long-term growth and achievement.

Who is this for?

High-potential individuals currently in leadership positions have benefited from the elements of these programs:

   • team leaders 
   • managers
   • directors
   • executives
   • small business owners