You might be stuck...

What does "stuck" look like?

You might be stuck...

Sometimes it’s clear when you are “stuck”:
– you need to do something and are painfully aware of that sickening feeling that you don’t know where to start.

Other times, being “stuck” shows up with different symptoms:
– frustration
– complaining
– avoidance
– boredom
– judgment
– impulsive actions

None of these behaviors are you operating at your best. In time, they will often have a negative impact on your results and the way you are perceived.

Being able to recognize when you are “stuck” is the first step in getting “unstuck”.
The next step is getting clear for yourself about what it is you want.
From there, it is a matter of charting the course and taking the steps to move towards what you desire.

It sounds simple but we know that most situations are complex.

That’s where Elevation Collaborative can help.


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