strategy workshop

Non-Profit Strategic Planning Workshop

Leveraging strategic planning to engage support and manage a leadership transition.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Non-profit organizations provide invaluable resources, services and sponsorship in our communities to enhance diversity and improve equity. They continually face funding challenges and most achieve their charters with minimal staff and significant board and volunteer support.

Having a clear strategic plan provides a non-profit with a compelling direction to enlist funding support and it demonstrates to the staff, board and volunteers that the organization is focused and will make good use of their time and energy.

Elevation Collaborative engaged with Present Music of Milwaukee to facilitate a Strategic Planning Workshop in the face of a leadership transition within the organization. 

A group of 20 members representing the staff, board, volunteers and community assembled for a day to align on the priorities for the organization over the next three years. Through a series of exercises, five priority areas were identified and key objectives for each were outlined.

The session produced a strategic framework, roadmap, objectives and measures. It also rebuilt confidence in the future direction of the organization and its ability to manage through the leadership transition it was facing.