Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching to improve leadership communication and take on a promotion with power.

A consumer goods company

When strong individual contributors move into managing a team, some of the practices that brought them so much success and recognition before can become barriers to performing a manager role.  

In a recent coaching engagement, Elevation Collaborative worked with a technical leader whose past success in having answers and clear opinions was shutting down contributions and ideas from the experts working on the team.  

Elevation Collaborative worked with this manager to examine their communication style, leadership style and put new behaviors into practice that would prioritize team members sharing their perspectives while leveraging coaching from the manager to strengthen thinking and create shared ownership in the path forward. 

Over three months, these new practices were tried, refined and ultimately embraced by the leader and a positive impact with the team members being more engaged emerged from the effort.

By addressing this gap head-on, this high-potential leader was able to demonstrate an ability to grow and improve which removed a barrier to their advancement in the organization.  During the coaching engagement, this manager took on a new director role and tackled the transition to a new team and new level by working with Elevation Collaborative to map and execute an empowering 90-day transition plan.