student workshop

Leadership Workshop

A custom-created workshop for high school seniors to explore aspects of leadership and deepen their understanding.

Evanston Township High School: Evanston, Illinois

Leadership skills have long been valued in the workplace, in schools, on teams, and in clubs; yet leadership training for young adults has been limited. Learning and development of these abilities have come primarily through trial and error experiences.  

Evanston Township High School has created a two-year leadership course for juniors and seniors that provides the opportunity to gain in-class experience as a leader in addition to learning leadership skills and behaviors. 

Elevation Collaborative worked with faculty to create and facilitate a workshop for 120 seniors to deepen their understanding of leadership and strengthen their personal leadership practice. 

Each student participated in one of four workshops, each three and a half hours long. The sessions included discussions about what it means to be a leader, who gets to be a leader and the responsibilities of leaders. Students learned about the continuous growth model to set goals, take action, assess feedback and continue to work for results.

Students had the opportunity to share what they stand for as a leader at their school. They left with a clearer understanding of who they want to be as a leader and with tools to enable their practice of leadership to guide them to actions that improve their results when leading the underclassmen in the Physical Education classes.